Fire + Ice: A Night To Remember!

A massive thank you to everyone who came out to support my recent launch of the Fire+Ice Collection last Friday night, as well as the entire team who helped make it happen!

The night was a coming together of seven women strong - each bringing their talent to moment, weaving a collective tapestry of seamless, living art. Three ethereal models, beautiful ethical threads by White Raven Designs, stunning theatrical hair and makeup by Penny Westwick, captured by the immaculate Duke Albada Photography. All to the strains of the trasncendental Sigur Ros.

Each Jewellery launch at Osiris Studio + Gallery is a new moment, which in addition to the Collection would also showcase a local artist's work that directly relates to the Collection's theme... this time, there was not one but 6 other women joining me to create an evening of pure magic!

Here are a few photos from the evening for those of you who missed it!