In this new Collection, I am exploring the inherent fluidity of silver, its ability to move and flow like water in the process of forging. This is a highly sculptural exploration, which brings about very organic, natural shapes and lines | a discovery of the mysterious forces that bring matter into form.

The contemplations behind this work go very deep | into the realms of infinite feeling and allowing that depth to then turn out and be the confession. The inside becomes the outside when the feeling dimension is allowed to exist and flow into the world, and this dimension has the capacity to bring great change.

These pieces, however outwardly bold and strong, also hold a great vulnerability in their creation. They are about allowing one's true self to be seen and allowed, beyond fear. They are about having the courage to not only exist, but to shine and stand forth in the true power of being. They are of an esoteric lineage, a profound reawakening and reconnecting to the beginnings, middles and ends of all lifetimes, in order to allow all to dissolve in the perfect freedom of abiding as present Happiness.

For me, the process of creation is very real and very participatory. It is a whole body involvement with the metal and the flame, and the realm of creation itself. I dive deeper and deeper into contemplation and reflection with each collection, each piece, and they hold the current of that passage within them. They are the touchstones of my journey of awakening to Truth.