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Last Days

Here I am, on my final day of this magnificient adventure, taking a moment to reflect on my travels. I have traversed so much ground, much of it sacred to the Native People, all of it diverse and wonderful and unique unto itself. From the personality-filled Saguaro deserts in Tucson, to the red rock monoliths of Sedona, the epic Ponderosa Pine forests and snow-capped peaks of Flagstaff, to the ‘reality bites’ depths of Gallup, the incredibly poetic architecture of Santa Fe, the quiet bliss and ancientness of Taos Pueblo [where I first had snow fall], the quirky charm of Madrid, the restoration of Hot Springs [T&C], the majestic architecture of the Golden Gate Bridge, the colours of Chinatown, the spring...

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San Francisco: Walking the Golden Gate

Yesterday I decided to wander into San Francisco, to get a feel of the city. I had no plan, it was a mystery day. All I knew is that I didn’t want to use the BART system for travel, as I had checked that out yesterday and it ‘was a bit of a zoo’ to quote a local. I headed out on foot nice and early and wandered down through the beautiful, hilly streets enjoying the crisp morning air and sunlight. Flowers abound in the neighbourhood I am in – all my favourites: roses, jasmine, wisteria, jonquils…. the smells releasing as the sun warms them up. A glorious way to travel. As I left suburbia and hit a main street...

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So after yesterday’s epic day out I decided to stay closer to home today. Plus, the weather wasn’t looking so great. I stayed in for a bit and played with my new metal stamps [tip: you can practice your designs on paper using an ink pad, it’s quite good for trialling layouts]. After a bit, the sun came out and I couldn’t resist another walk – this time, a stroll around the neighbourhood and downtown. I came across some live jazz at a pizza place called The Cheeseboard Cooperative. It’s a nice spot on the way to downtown Berkeley. The business is owned and run by the collective and the tips go to the band. One flavour pizza and salad...

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