Sustainability and treading softly upon the earth is something I am deeply passionate about. I strive to find the best possible solutions for every aspect of my business and personal life, and am constantly looking at ways to improve and minimise my impact upon the planet.

All the metal used in my jewellery is from recycled sources, that I purchase from a refining company in Australia that have outstanding environmental practices.

I cut and polish all of my stones, mostly sourced directly from people who have dug them up in private mines. Most wholesale stones are cut in places like China and India, and I am not confident of the working conditions or ages of the cutters involved. Wholesale stone purchasing also involves a lot of extra shipping of stones to these places, whereas most of my stones are purchased at local gemshows from the fossickers.

When you purchase a piece of jewellery, it will come in a beautiful, handsewn raw linen pouch that a wonderful seamstress in Belarus sews for me, right where the linen is grown and woven! I like the fact that I get to support another independent craftsperson directly in this way.

I try to use recycle shipping materials as much as possible, and reduce single use plastic in the studio to as little as possible. This means contacting my suppliers and asking them to not send me items in plastic bags, but to find an alternative. By constantly voicing requests such as this, it begins to shift the consciousness of these larger businesses, the water drop by drop can begin to erode the existing practices and carve a new way!

I also am able to recycle my own metals, or your old jewellery into something new, which is wonderful for many reasons. If you send me old gold that belonged in the family, you will get that same gold back in your new piece of jewellery. Major refining companies and jewellers cannot offer this service due to the scale of their production facilities. As I refine and manufacture everything by hand, I have complete control over the materials along the way.

Personally I follow a vegan lifestyle, primarily for compassionate and environmental reasons, and also because I have discovered that a plant-based diet is the most supportive one for my health and wellbeing.

Follow my Zero Waste Initiative  YouTube channel for lots of ideas and easy-to-manage sustainability solutions!